Exercise: 10km Run – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

Oh the joy of being back on familiar turf.

I met Michelle after work for a very casual 10km run at our favourite haunt. It was great to catch up with Michelle and we had so much to talk about. I’m sure we probably could have kept on running for at least another 10km with still tons to talk about 😀

Surprisingly I haven’t really felt any jetlag. Okay I didn’t really get much sleep on Sunday night, but I got about 7 hours last night and I’m pretty tired tonight but I certainly haven’t felt like I need to sleep during the day at all.

Work is fairly busy, which is probably why I haven’t felt that tired – I just don’t have time to!! My boss goes on maternity leave on Friday so I’m trying to get as much info down as possible before she leaves – not that I’m going to be able to do her job or anything….well not unless they offer me another $50,000 or so anyway 😉

Alana had her 9th birthday while we were in the UK and she got very spoiled – hence the 20kg excess baggage 🙄

She wanted some Heelys but we were a bit concerned with this choice of present because they are very heavy so we came up with a great idea. She could wear them on the plane home so that they weren’t included in the weight of our baggage 🙂

She tried demonstrating how you skate in them 😯

We went out for her birthday dinner to an Indian restaurant just around the corner from Hubby’s parents (what do you mean I orchastrated this so that we could walk there and back 😳 ). The food was absolutely fantastic, and I say this as a non lover of Indian food 🙄

And of course we had to celebrate, and what better way to celebrate than with Champagne 🙂

Okay, so how many of you wished you lived a bit closer to work and didn’t have to spend so much time either in traffic or on public transport?

Well this is where I used to live (2nd floor), and if you check out the building behind the house, that’s where I used to work. How close can you get 🙂 Can you imagine if I’d ever walked in late 😳

Now lastly, who can tell me what lollies I ate at the movies when I went to see I Am Legend? I had not seen any trailers or reviews to this movie so had no preconceived ideas about what I was going to see. I have to admit that I didn’t really enjoy it and was constantly holding my hands in front of my eyes 😳