Exercise: 9.4km Run – Treadmill (8’s)

An early rise this morning as I met my girlfriend Helsy at the gym. There were tons of ladies there this morning, and I have to say that whichever lady parked next to me in the carpark needs a good slap around the head. 😡

I had to get into the car through the passenger side, and then jump into the drivers seat as the car next to me was that close I could not get the door open. I thought about opening the drivers door very hard so that there was a dent in the other car, just out of spite, but as the car we are driving is a rental, it would probably all back fire and I’d have to pay costs associated with whatever damage I did to the rental car 🙄

It has been absolutely teeming with rain since yesterday morning and I feel very damp and chilly. 😦 The only good thing is that there are tons of big puddles on the roads, which are great fun to drive through fast 🙂

More shopping yesterday, this time in Reading. I bought the Trinny and Susannah book on body shapes, and I have concluded that I am a Vase shape!! Unfortunately the book is quite heavy so it’ll either have to go into the seamail box or I’ll put it in my rucksack that I can take on the plane.

Only one more week to go and we’ll be boarding that plane to bring us all home 🙂