Exercise: 13.5km Run – Local Streets (7’s Blue)

I killed 2 birds with one stone this morning….not literally of course 😯

I’d offered to make dinner tonight but needed specific ingredients for my Chicken Canneloni, so I chucked the backpack on and ran to the supermarket and back 🙂

I really enjoyed just wandering around the aisles, checking out all the stuff that we can’t get back in Oz. They had a huge range of cheeses, but sadly their yoghurt aisle wasn’t up to much, or maybe I’ve just got used to the ones in Oz 🙄

I’ve noticed that English people have no idea how to use roundabouts properly, and they seem very blarzay (sp?) when it comes to using indicators too. This is not good when approaching a roundabout 😯

We had some sun today 🙂 The wind was cold though 😦