Exercise: 7km Run – Treadmill, including 5 x 60 sec @12.5kph (8’s)

Met my girlfriend Helsy at the gym at lunchtime, which gave me the incentive to actually get out of bed.

I seem to be lazing about more and more lately. This is not good and I really have to change it. I don’t have much longer here and I need to make the most of the time that I do have left to catch up with all my friends and also get some long runs in (thanks for reminding me of that EE 🙄 )

As EE mentioned, Trailwalker is not far away, yet I have not really put the energy and effort in to my training that is required to complete the TW and not be left feeling like death. So I hope to get out for at least 2, maybe 3 long sessions before I leave here. As I speak, however, the heavens have opened and it is teeming with rain. Doesn’t help my motivation at all, although Hubby has reminded me that we may very well have this kind of weather when we are doing the TW, so I need to just get out there and do it anyway 😳

I also need to seriously start looking at my training with regards to the GC Marathon. For those of you who are not aware, (probably most of you as I haven’t really made it public knowledge) I am going to enter the GC Marathon this year. I will need as much help and motivation as possible and will be leaning on Michelle for all her knowledge and experience. Any help and guidance from all you hard core Marathoners out there is also very welcome.

What I need is a training plan that fits in with my working life and home life. It needs to be simple and doable, and also understandable (some of the training plans that I’ve read are just too intricate to even consider). Once I’ve got something down on paper I shall endeavour to stick to it rigidly. I want to do this marathon well!!