Exercise: 8.6km Run – Guildford (7’s Blue)

After a very slack morning (I didn’t get out of bed until 1pm) Hubby cajouled me into putting my running gear on and doing a run while he took Alana to the park. I’m so glad he talked me into it.

It was a very slow run, but it was consistent and I only stopped at the 3.5km and 7km mark to stretch as my right calf was a bit tight.

I couldn’t believe how quickly I got cold once I’d finished running. It must have been literally within 5 minutes of stopping that I was already starting to shiver. Hubby being the gentleman that he is, very graciously gave me his coat, which was very warm, but was not the best look as it made me look like the michelin man 😯

This was Alana and I at Melbourne Airport about to fly out.

And this was Alana at Dubai Airport trying to catch some sleep. She must have been so tired to be able to sleep in this position as the chairs were so uncomfortable.

CHAMPAGNE Rhubarb Yoghurt…….Yummo!

The christmas decorations over here looked really great in some of the shopping centres that we visited.

And check out the window display in a kids clothes shop….amazing!!

And then there was the fog. This photo was taken around 2.30pm and it had been foggy all day!!

Now, about the shoe shop that I mentioned a couple of weeks ago. This was the one where I got the 3rd degree because I took a photo 🙄

Then there was the ice on the lake 😯

It looks like we will be sending a big box of stuff back to Oz via Seamail 😳