Well what can I say about Bournemouth??

It was absolutely freezing…nothing new there then 😯

It was a really easy drive down there, although there was a huge tailback on the other side of the carriageway due to the police closing the motorway as they’d found a body on the side of the road 😯

The hotel that we stayed at was old, although it had been renovated, and the room was very small as far as hotel rooms go. It was close to the beach though. We asked to change rooms after our first night due to it being right next to the old creaky lift and also below a room where the floors creaked and groaned and the people staying in said room were up and about at 6am and who moved constantly about their room for at least 2 hours 😡

Shopping in Bournemouth is fantastic. We spent loads of time in Borders as they had this huge sale on. Also bought a new bag as mine has broken. I was lucky to get a gift voucher to Next for Xmas and was even luckier to find the perfect bag there too 🙂

Then we moved on to JJB Sports 😳 I now have a few more running tops, a new coolmax cap and some casual t-shirts and singlets to wear. Well what could I do when everything was 90% off 🙂

We headed down to the beach. OMG, the wind was absolutely bitter. In this photo I have 4 layers of clothing and my coat, hat, gloves and scarf. I still look cold don’t I!! 🙄

And check out these Surfers. I just couldn’t believe they were in the water. The word stupid comes to mind.

My new love……… These are the most amazing chocolates. There are 3 different types in the bag. The normal malteser, one that has a milky way type filling, and a third one that has a chewy toffee centre. I’ll be bringing loads of packets back with me 🙂

As you can tell I’ve now managed to get my photos onto a CD. Now that was an amazing act in itself. I managed to transfer them all onto a CD via Bluetooth at a camera outlet. It was just so technologically advanced. I was totally in awe of the process. And it only cost me £2 for the CD. Doesn’t take much to amuse me you know 🙂