Exercise: 9.6km Power Walk – Local Streets (7’s Blue)

Had a lovely New Years Eve at my girlfriend Helsy’s place. She is one of those fantastic hostesses who can cook up a storm and always has enough alcohol available to quench an army’s thirst 🙂

I did leave early though as I was almost falling asleep and another of Helsy’s friends was also leaving so I got a lift home with her. Note to self: Get Chili recipe from Helsy!!

Once home I proceeded to fall asleep within about 15 minutes which meant that I missed the new year totally. I also slept through the fireworks and noise. Hubby thought it would be funny though to record my snoring on my phone and then make it my new ringtone 😳 Hubby wants to put it on Youtube……yeah right!!

Today has been a very lazy one. We stayed in bed all day watching back to back episodes of MTV Cribs. Can you tell that I don’t have Sky at home 🙄

So once that had finished Hubby and I got ourselves dressed and out the door for a nice long walk. We wandered around loads of areas that we used to frequent when we lived here. Definitely a trip down memory lane!! Have taken a few photos, which as I keep saying, I will get sorted soon and upload!

Oh yeah, have just eaten some yoghurt, but not any old yoghurt. This one was Champagne Rubarb Yoghurt – love it 🙂

Happy new year everyone!