Exercise: 13.5km Run – Haslemere (7’s Blue)

I know that I said that I was going to do a 20km run today, but when I got out of bed and looked out of the window, the weather was not to my liking 🙄

It was quite windy and looked like rain. Now I know that I ran in the rain on Christmas Day, but that was only a 5km run and we were talking about doing 20km this morning!! I’d made the decision to run my long run on Sunday instead, but just as I was making myself comfortable after getting back into bed the phone rang. It was my girlfriend Jules.

Jules had a bit of spare time this morning and her Hubby was able to look after her little daughter so she asked if I was still up for doing my long run 😯 Okay, now what do I do??

So of course I get myself organised and jump in the car and toodle off down to her place. Now if you remember, Jules lives in Haslemere, which is probably one of the hillier parts of town. I did ask if she could find a fairly flat course for us to run, and to her credit the course that she took me on certainly wasn’t as hilly as it could have been….BUT it was still lots of undulating territory, much off it off road and muddy. Now remind me again why I thought that doing lots of lower body weights was a good idea yesterday 😯

We only covered 13.5km but it certainly felt like we’d run 20km 🙄 My calves are really feeling it tonight. Luckily for me I remembered to bring my Skins with me to the UK, and also lucky for me that I found tubes of Tiger Balm when we were at Dubai airport, so I bought 4 tubes of the stuff 🙂

I may even head out again on Sunday for a flat 15km if the weather is not too bad. I just checked and I’ve done 5 days running this week 😯

Em, I was flicking through the TV channels this evening and thought of you when I came across some old episodes of Sharpe 🙂

JoJo I shall be ringing you soon to talk you through the process of using the hob 🙂 Sounds like I’m going to have to forcibly remove you from the house 😯

I want to let you all know that I have been keeping upto date with everyone’s blogs but haven’t commented as the computer I’m using is really, really slow and it takes ages to do anything on it 🙄