Exercise: 5.75km Run – Trail (7’s Blue)

How nice is it to start a fun run at 11.00am rather than the usual 8am start. I headed over to my girlfriend Jules place and then drove over to the pub where the fun run started – Yep, the fun run starts at a pub 🙂

It was sunny too 🙂

Due to my girlfriends Hubby being the chief organiser of the fun run I chipped in and helped with the registration process. It was frantic, that’s for sure. There must have been over 400 people registering on the day. Once everyone had registered we rushed over to the start line just before the gun went off.

As I mentioned previously, Haslemere is very hilly, and of course the start of the run is at the bottom of a hill that everyone had to run up 😯

Then it was a bit of a squash as we veered off the road onto a very thin trail. Bit of a bottleneck where the mud was very deep but once past this bit it evened out and we ended up back on a nice laneway.

There was a huge mother of a hill (very similar to the one at Churchill Park). I was determined to run up it, albeit very slowly. I have to admit that I didn’t feel too great when I got to the top of it though. Then it was back onto another trail, going downhill this time, which gave us time to get our breath back. Another uphill slog, along with more thick mud, made worse by the fact that 300 people had already run through it before we got there!!

We stopped at the Drinkers table and skulled the picolo bottles of Jacobs Creek that we’d put there before the start of the race. Everyone else who had signed up for the Drinkers Run were drinking pints of Ale (yukkkk!).

Finally at the top of the hill it was a fast run back down the hill that we’d started at and a quick sprint to the finish line.

We even got a medal at the end 🙂 I shall add the medal and my race number to my growing pile that I’ve kept.

I’m hoping to do a 20km run/walk on Friday. There are some great towpaths that go for miles and miles so I’ll find the closest one and run out for 10km and then run back. Just hope the weather stays good.

Okay, I’d better go put my trainers somewhere near the heater so that the mud can dry and then I should be able to scrape it off. They currently weigh about 2kg more than they should 🙂