Exercise: 5km Run – Local Streets (8’s)

Can you believe that I actually went out for a run on Christmas Day….and you’re not going to believe it, but it was raining too. That’s right, me out running in the rain on Christmas Day 😯

It was actually Hubby’s idea. I would have happily stayed inside and opened my first bottle of champers, along with the chocolates, but he was pretty adamant that he wanted to run, and who am I to miss an opportunity to run with somebody else. So I donned the wet weather gear and waded out into the street. When we started out it was raining lightly. Between km 2 and 3 the heavens opened up and we got pretty soaked 🙄

At least I could justify eating Christmas dinner 🙂

Have had a couple more shopping days, just to get last minute presents. I’m not sure we’re going to have enough room in the suitcases to bring all Alana’s back though. She got very spoiled.

Well I hope everyone had a fantastic day and Santa brought you everything that you wished for.

I’m off to do the Boxing Day Run this morning. I’m too scared to look out the window in case it’s still raining. Rain and off road hills equals lots of mud 😦