Yes, I know, MORE shopping 🙂

This time Hubby and I headed up to Kingston, which is great for shopping. Alana got to spend some time with her Grandad, which meant that Hubby and I could enjoy the day without having the worry of Alana getting bored 😉

I saw so many things that I wanted to buy, but would not be practical to take home with me. There were these Champagne glasses with Swarovski crystals in the stem, but at £325 per pair, I thought they might be just a little bit out of my price range. Have just checked the Australian Swarovski website and they cost $665 😯

Then there was this absolutely beautiful jewellery box. It weighed at least 3kg and was glass. I don’t think it will travel well though, and decided not to buy it. Mostly though we bought presents for Alana. Lots of little things for her to open on Christmas Day.

I had the most yummy Pastie for lunch. It had a cheese and bacon filling and it just melted in the mouth. Hubby had a Steak & Guiness one.

We didn’t get home until about 5pm and I had to go and have a nanna nap. Only woke up at 8.30pm 😳 No gym or running today I’m afraid.

Am going down to see my girlfriend tomorrow and we’re going out for a run (and there will be hills 😯 ), then we’ll go straight from her place to meet up with lots of old friends in one of the pubs that I used to visit regularly (it was just across the road from where I used to work).

I will get to the gym, honest 😉