Now about that run I was supposed to be doing this morning 😳

We had to be at the Dentist for our 10am appointment so it meant that I had to start getting organised about 7.30am, which would have meant that I had to get up at 6.30 if I wanted to get a run in before I left for the Dentist……that wasn’t going to happen, I can tell you right now 😯

Dentist appointment x 2, including 2 xrays and a full clean and scale for each of us = £55 each, which converts to $135 each…..aaaggghhh!! (sorry but I just can’t stop converting 😳 ). I should have taken some Australian dollars with me as he’s flying out to Oz tomorrow and he would have only charged us $200 if we’d paid him with A$ 🙄

Met up with my girlfriend and her friend afterwards and we did some hard shopping. They’ve got heaps of sales on at the moment, including a 90% off sale in a sports shop 🙂 I only bought a new pair of boots and some sports socks for myself, and a really cool sleeveless Adidas puffa jacket for Alana.

I ended up in one shop and it was just full of shoes….I wanted to buy so many as they were all fantastic. I took a photo while I was in the shop and I got the third degree from one of the sales assistants. I think she thought I was a competitor and was taking photos of the opposition’s shoes. 😯

Have now signed up for a 1 month membership at LA Fitness. We did it online, which I thought was pretty good. Cost us £40, which converts to $100 (sorry, sorry but I just gotta know). Will head out there tomorrow to pound the treadmill.

Hubby and I went to the cinema tonight and saw The Golden Compass. I thoroughly enjoyed it, although the ending leaves you hanging. Looks like they’ll be making a sequel!!

And it’s going to warm up by the end of the week….YAY – will reach the balmy heights of 9 degrees 🙂