So the 5km run didn’t happen unfortunately.

I woke up at 3am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep at all. I woke Nick up at 5am as I thought that if I was awake then he should be awake to keep me company 🙂

Hence by the time 8am rolled around, I had absolutely zero energy to do anything. I couldn’t even be bothered getting out of bed, even though I couldn’t sleep. And it looked absolutely freezing cold outside too. It was overcast and there was a strong wind blowing 😯

Eventually got myself organised and Hubby’s Dad drove us into town so that we could organise a hire car. We have now had our first experience of crap customer service over here. Won’t go into too much detail, but these people really need to get a life 😡

We couldn’t pick the car up until 4pm so we wandered (okay we walked very quickly) over to the shopping centre to get out of the cold. Hubby bought a couple of pairs of jeans and Alana bought a nice warm beret, which she looks very cute wearing too. I bought nothing 😦

Sat down in a cafe and ordered a couple of chicken panninis, a couple of large coffees, and a sausage roll and a soft drink for Alana. It came to £18.25 😯 This works out to about $45. Aaaaggghhh!

Hubby ran into one of his old squash buddies as we were leaving. He’d only mentioned last night that he’d love to catch up with him for a game of squash…..coincidence or what!

It gets dark very early here, around about 4.30pm. We walked back to the car rental place and signed for the car. When we got in it, there was absolutely no petrol in the tank at all…..but they did say that we could bring the car back with no petrol in it when we’d finished with it. So we zoomed off to the petrol station, which was just over the road and filled it up. It came to £44.50 😯 That converts to about $110. WOW!! I’ll be making sure that the car is running on vapours when we return it.

I’ve got a dental appointment tomorrow. Yes I know, why am I seeing a dentist in the UK 😯 Well it’s like when you get a really good hairdresser. My dentist over here is an Australian guy and I thought I’d take the opportunity while I’m here to get a visit in.

After that I’m meeting one of my girlfriends and we’re going SHOPPING!!!

Kathy, It’s way too cold to even consider taking any clothes off whilst out running. The wind is absolutely bitter and just bites right through you. I’m cold even thinking about it. Hubby’s Dad has set us up with a computer in the bedroom we’re sleeping in so I’m sitting very comfortably in bed as I’m typing this 🙂

Eat Em, I’ll ask Hubby to take a photo before I run out the door in the morning (yes I’m planning on getting out there tomorrow – honest).

JoJo, hope you got the hob working okay. As I said, there’s always the BBQ if you’re desperate.

Em, I’m doing a 3.5 mile fun run on Boxing Day. This also incorporates having a glass of champagne half way through the run 🙂

Beki, I’ll try and take as many photos as I can, although Woking is really not the most photogenic place in the world 🙄 Maybe I’ll just take lots of photos of the pubs I frequent while I’m over here 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Dad you look like a real man now!”