OMG, where has the time gone 😯

Well since Wednesday I’ve done no running, and I haven’t stepped foot inside the gym either.

I have, however, been to a great Xmas party at a place called Zinc in Federation Square (everything was free…yay!), thought I’d lost my mobile phone and had a massive panic attack (found it in the limousine that had driven us up to Fed Square – phew!), just about finished all my xmas shopping, writing out xmas cards and buying birthday presents, and have had my new implanon device fitted (nice bruise happening now). Also managed to fit in a massage with Corrie.

But please, nobody mention tiling and grouting (deep breath J, stay calm!!)

I’ve done more weeding, back garden this time.

I’ll let you into a little secret. Have booked flights to the Gold Coast for early July 😉

We went and watched Alana in her school choir at Carols by Candlelight on Friday night. Here she is with her best friend Peter 🙂

This is what happens to Alana’s hair when she’s been on the trampoline 🙄

Forgot to mention that my back is fine now. It literally got better as the day progressed and I woke up on Thursday morning and it wasn’t sore at all…..I’m sure stress had alot to do with it.

Alana’s Quote:

Me: “My implanon device lasts for 3 years”
Alana: “Is that because Daddy sexes you alot!” 😯
Me: “He wishes” 🙂