OMG where has this year gone, it’s December already? 😯

This weekend has gone by in a blur as well. I didn’t get to the gym, or do any running, but I did get out in the garden yesterday and gave the weeds a run for their money. My back and legs are now reminding me of that 🙄

This is the area of garden I worked on…..BEFORE!


Michelle and I (along with Michelle’s daughter) went and saw Babba last night. We stayed over at Michelle’s daughters place. Of course this meant that there was absolutely no restrictions on the amount of alcohol we could drink 🙂 (Thank you to Michelle’s daughter’s boyfriend for being our taxi).

Here we are at the beginning of the night

After Babba we ended up at a place that had great music and stayed open until late. I reckon we burned a fair few calories with the amount of dancing we did. Hopefully it balanced out the amount of alcohol we drank!

Then on the way home we had the obligatory stop at McD’s. I can’t remember the last time I actually ate McD’s food, but I must admit that the double Cheeseburger and fries was just perfect and hit the spot 🙂 I do find it very scary though that there are now security guards in McD’s late at night 😯

I think a trip to the gym in the morning is on the agenda!!