Exercise: 5km Run (including intervals) – Treadmill, Weights, Situps (8’s)

I sat up late last night watching lots of old video footage of when Alana was a baby and also of our kitten that we had when we were in the UK. It was so sweet watching them and brought back loads of memories.

So when the alarm went off this morning I nearly went out in sympathy with Andrew and rolled back over, but knowing that I’d already had a pretty slack week exercise wise, I got out of bed instead. That always seems to be the hardest bit. Once I’m actually out of bed then I just go into auto pilot mode.

I’ve decided that I really do enjoy doing the interval runs (on the treadmill anyway). I like being in control of how fast I’m running and how long to make each interval. I did 6 x 60 seconds at 12.5kph, followed by a recovery of 60 seconds at 9kph, and the last 2 intervals were at 13kph. This works out to be at 4.40 pace I think (if anyone cares to correct me if I’m wrong, please do!!). I don’t know how anyone can run at that pace for any period of time, it’s just SO fast 😯 Well it’s fast for my little legs anyway 🙂

Followed this up with some weights (mainly big muscle groups) and then the situps that make a difference (bicycles, captains chair, hover and fitball situps).

And how strange that my calf didn’t niggle at all today. It felt a bit heavy but nothing like Wednesday.

I know I’ve already whinged about this before, but how expensive is going to the doctors!! 😯 I had to pay out $62 for a consultation which lasted all of 5 minutes. The doctor checked my blood pressure and wrote me out a script. That was it. I’ve got to go back next week for a minor operation (to take out old Implanon device and fit new one) and I’ve had to book out a triple appointment in case he has any trouble removing the old one. I just hope that I don’t get charged for a triple appointment or else I will not be a happy chappy 👿

I swear that next year I am going to buy all my christmas presents before June…..shopping with idiots at this time of the year is not something I enjoy…..at all 👿

This was the sunset last night. Unfotunately I couldn’t get a good view as the trees were in the way.