Exercise: 23km Run/Walk – Trailwalker CP 1 & 2 (7’s Blue)

Well The Girls had their first training run/walk this morning. I’ve pinched the picutre of us at the start from Em’s blog (thanks tons).

We started at Jells Park and ended up at Lysterfield Lake.

We did a combinatiion of walking and running, which for me was perfect. Felt good right up until we hit this hill

Luckily once we got over the top of it, there was quite a bit of downhill running. I did struggle a bit over the last couple of km’s and probably held the girls back a little bit.

I’m hoping that increasing my mileage whilst I’m in the UK and doing some big hill walks will help get me past the point I’m currently at.

It was a welcome relief to see the carpark where Em’s partner was picking us up from. The flies were horrible though. Every time we stopped they just attacked us. I was really surprised as I was madly spraying insect repellent every time we stopped but it just didn’t seem to really deter them much. Might have to look into getting something a bit stronger 🙄

Hubby and I went up town yesterday to see the Mind, Body & Spirit show at the Exhibition Centre….my opinion – don’t bother. It’s really not worth the $15 entry. I’m not sure what I was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t what we saw, that’s for sure. We did get a bargain though. 8 packets of Veggie Chips for $10 🙂

Whilst we were over that way we decided to head on over to Smith Street 🙂

OMG, are they MORE trainers you ask 😳

These are the Saucony Grid Propel + Nxgen (whatever that is). They had a great deal on at Converse where you bought one pair of Sauconys and got the second pair at 50% off. I rang Michelle pronto and asked her if she’d like a pair too. Of course she would….why did I even consider that she’d say no!!

Nike also had some great deals and I found a really thick fleecy pair of trakkie pants for $20…woohoo. Just what I need to keep warm while in the UK.