Exercise: 5km Run – Treadmill, Weights, Situps (8’s)

I have today off work so was able to stay in bed a bit longer before heading down to the gym.

I’m not sure if anyone else has the latest issue of Ultrafit, but there is an article about dropping fat, which makes for interesting reading.

It’s amazing how you can read something in a magazine and it all seems to make sense, whereas you already know everything written in the article but can’t seem to put it all together yourself. This is me to a tee!!

So this morning I did an interval session on the treadmill. I warmed up for 10 minutes and then did 8 repeats of 60 seconds running at 12.5kph, with 60 seconds of recovery after each repeat, running at 8.5kph. I then finished the session by running at 10.5kph until I clicked up 5k’s. Felt good.

Followed this up with some lower body weights. Hamstring curls, quad curls, leg press and the machine that works the inside of your thighs and the outside of your hips (can’t remember what it’s called).

Then it was down on the mat for some situps. There’s another article in Ultrafit about doing ab work and the most effective exercises are the Captains Chair and the bicycle (you know, where you lay on the floor and do a bicycle manouvre), followed by the plank. So I did all 3 of those.

Finished off with some stretching.

I think I might have mentioned that my boss is pregnant. Well I’m going out in sympathy with her and am having a phantom pregnancy!! I have preggy brain like you would not believe. If I can lose it, forget about it, drop it or trip over it then it happens. Can’t wait for her to have the baby so that I can get back to normal 🙄