Exercise: Bootcamp – Day 16

Why do I feel sad that Bootcamp has come to an end? Andrew you were right, I’m missing it already 😦

We still had to do our normal warm up, this morning’s being to split into 2 teams. One team then had to knock down cones while the other team had to stand them back up. Didn’t take long to warm up either!!

Then it was on to our fitness test comparison. First up we did pushups for a minute. Originally I did 35. This morning I could do 49…..woohoo!! 🙂

Next we had to do a plank for as long as we could hold it. My first plank at the start of bootcamp lasted 2 minutes 5 seconds. Today I managed 3 minutes exactly…..double woohoo 🙂

Finally we had to do 2 laps of the oval. Last time I did it in 4 minutes and 4 seconds. Now I can do it in 4 minutes and 3 seconds. 🙄

So overall I haven’t gotten any faster but I’ve definitely got stronger. What I’m going to do now is try and continue my circuit training at the gym. I’ve asked them, in the survey that we got given this morning, to consider putting on a circuit training class in the mornings. The Aerobics room is not used on a Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning, so I’d say it was just a matter of getting a trainer to take the class.

Now what’s all this talk of low carbing?? 😯 Actually I did low carb for a while when I was in the UK and I had good results….until one weekend when I binged on lollies and champers 😳 It was a downward spiral after that 😦

I thoroughly enjoyed the low carb food plan though. Bacon and Eggs for breakfast, Chicken Salad for lunch, snacks of cheese and nuts, followed by a huge steak and salad or veggies for dinner with strawberries and cream for dessert…..doesn’t sound too bad now does it 🙂