Exercise: Weights, Skipping, Situps

After dropping Alana off at Cubs I raced across the road to the gym and did an hour of weights, followed by 15 minutes of skipping. The shins were a little bit niggly while I was actually skipping, but once I’d finished the niggle stopped.

I actually had time to have a good stretch, which I neglect way too often.

Do you ever have one of those moments when you look at something and automatically know that there is something odd at what you’re looking at but can’t quite figure it out? Well I was driving to work this morning and I just happened to glance in my rear view mirror at a car which was a fair way behind me, but gaining quickly.

For some reason the first thing that popped into my head was “cop car”. Now this was a black holden late model sedan (sorry, wouldn’t have any idea which particular model) and there was nothing at all on the bonnet or on top of the roof to indicate it was a cop car.

So I’m just doing my usual speed (within 10km of the speed limit 😳 ) and move over to the left so that this car can pass me, and of course it WAS a cop car. The markings were just on the side and on the back of the car, so anyone looking at the front of the car in their rearview mirror wouldn’t know it was a cop car 😯

Luckily I was turning left and they carried straight on….phew!

Anyone got any ideas how I can lose 5kg in 3 weeks? 😯