Exercise: 7km Run/Walk – Treadmill (8’s)

Why is it so hard to get out of bed at 5.30am? I had 7 hours sleep yet I still felt ridiculously tired this morning 🙄

Once I’d planted my feet on the treadmill I got a surge of energy (thank goodness!!). I did a 5 minute walk warmup which seems to really help my calves settle in for the long haul 🙂

Started really slowly and gained a bit of speed near the end of the 7km.

I was a bit surprised that the gym was so busy this morning as it’s normally pretty dead on a Friday morning. There was even someone waiting to use the treadmills as they were all full. Haven’t seent that before – ever!

It was only when I was doing my stretch when I’d finished my run that I realised that there was no pump class on this morning. Lightbulb moment 🙄 Looks like it had been cancelled due to a no show from the instructor.

Now has anyone else noticed the increase in shoppers over the last couple of weeks? Every time I’ve been to the shopping centre I’ve found it harder and harder to get a parking spot close to the doors, not that I’m complaining that much as it’s more exercise for me 🙂 It is a bit of a pain in the ar*e though when you’re in a hurry to do things in your lunch hour and there’s tons of people everywhere!

I’ve been enjoying watching the latest series of Ugly Betty. Series 2 is currentlly being aired in the US and I’ve downloaded the first 7 episodes from TorrentPond…..yippee!! Have also been watching the current series of Top Gear. I absolutely adore that show it’s just hilarious. Alana is also a huge fan of the show and we have to cut a DVD so that she can watch it on her own DVD player otherwise she’d hog the PC all the time.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum can we buy a holiday house near the beach?” (Of course darling, I’ll just go and grab some money off the money tree! 🙄 )