Exercise: Bootcamp – Day 14

Yesterday was a write off with regards to exercising.

I had a fantastic nights sleep on Tuesday night and when the alarm went off at 5.30am I decided to listen to my body as it was still wanting more sleep. Who am I to deny my body what it wants 😉

Then yesterday afternoon I got a text from Michelle telling me that she might have just fried Gazz (her Garmin), so I asked her to come over to my place last night so that I could have a look at it. She suggested having dinner out somewhere, so we met up at Sophias and ate there, before heading back to my place.

The Garmin was fixed easily (just needed to be reset). For anyone with a Garmin who may need to do this sometime in the future, you just hold down the mode button and the lap button together for a couple of seconds. It should then restart properly when you push the ON button.

So to this morning’s bootcamp. Warmup was a couple of laps of the oval dragging a tyre. We paired up and then passed the tyre between each other. We had to tie a skipping rope around the tyre so that we could drag it.

Then it was all about the tyre this morning. We broke up into two teams and had to run with the tyre to a point, drop the tyre and then sprint back. The next person then had to sprint to the tyre, pick it up, sprint back and give it to the next person. We did that a couple of times.

Then it was more laps of the oval with a partner, this time carrying the tyre, which we had to swap to the other person when it got too heavy. We followed this up with laying on our back and doing chest presses with the tyre, while the other person did skipping, then changed and did squats whilst holding the tyre, then situps, holding the tyre in front.

More running round the oval with the tyre, this time with both people holding it together. As my partner had some issues with her ankles, I ended up running around the oval on my own, which wasn’t too bad as I was allowed to use the smallest tyre, which sat comfortably on my hip (just like carrying a child really 🙂 ).

Thought I’d show you how well my nails are doing at the moment. I’ve been using the Seacret nail products (when I remember) and I’m really impressed with them. I’m very lazy when it comes to my nails and very rarely keep them in any kind of condition, so for them to look this good with minimum exertion is just amazing!!

The first one was taken about two weeks ago and the second one was taken yesterday.