Exercise: 5.5km Run/Walk – Kalorama (7’s Yellow)

Sunday and Monday were a write off with regards to any form of exercise.

I was hoping to get to Bootcamp on Monday but I just didn’t have enough time as I had to meet some of my fellow workmates at 8am so that they could follow me to where our work conference was being held.

I really didn’t have any energy to do anything last night as I’d had a late night on Sunday night and was then up early yesterday morning so that I could get myself organised for the conference.

So I managed to convince one of my work colleagues to meet me at 6am this morning for a run around where we were staying.

I went to bed fairly early and was pleasantly surprised by how comfortable the bed was and also the pillows. I always have a problem with sleeping away from home. I just can’t seem to get comfortable and the pillows just never feel right.

So anyway, I’m just about starting to snooze when all of a sudden I hear a noise, very light at first but gradually getting louder and louder. Can you believe that I had to be in the room right next to the loudest snorer in the whole world 👿

I just could not believe it. Why me? 🙄 Luckily I had my ear plugs with me and once I’d put them in my ears I settled back down to sleep. But this snorer was so loud that his snoring even penetrated through my ear plugs. I tried everything to drown out the noise, but to no avail. I think I managed about 4 hours sleep, on and off.

From 4am I watched TV until it was time to get up and meet my workmate for our run. I was not happy. I was really not happy. I felt like crap, and whereas I’d intended to do a 60 minute run, I cut it back as I just felt so drained of energy that I found it too hard going.

I’m going to bed early tonight. I need sleep!