Exercise: 20km Run/Walk – Yarra Trail (7’s Blue)

OMG, where do I start 😯

I picked Michelle up on the way into town. We parked at the Casino (free, with compliments of my Crown membership 🙂 ). Walked over to the Crowne Plaza, which was where we were staying, only to be advised at check in that we’d been upgraded to the ‘Executive Floor’, which was on Level 7…..WOOHOO!!!!

I did something very smart (which is very rare for me!). I was already dressed in my running gear. I did this deliberately as I know myself very well and would have easily talked myself out of going for a run if I hadn’t already been dressed for it.

We decided to run along the Yarra and see where it took us. We were very excited 🙄 You have to remember that Michelle and I very rarely get to run around any of the city trails so when we got this opportunity we made the most of it.

Just a small lack of communication between myself and Michelle. I wanted to do my long run. Michelle wasn’t aware of the distance I wanted to run so had decided to make the most of her morning and had already been for a 20km run. I didn’t know this when we started running, so when she asked me how far I wanted to run, she was a little shocked when I mentioned 20km.

But Michelle being Michelle, she just came along with me for the ride. She rocks, that chick. Yep, she did a 40km run and still had enough energy to dance the night away 🙂

So after our run we pop open the bubbly and enjoy a couple of glasses before we get ourselves showered up. We decided to get room service as there was some nice food on the menu, so there’s both of us, wrapped up in our complimentary fluffly white dressing gowns, loving every minute of the food, champers and the view, which was absolutely gorgeous, looking out over the Yarra and the casino!!

Unfortunately we hadn’t really allowed enough time to get ready and to the theatre before the show started, and then we went to the wrong theatre at first 😳 Won’t go into more detail than than, but we eventually got there, with blisters on Michelle’s feet from all the walking and sweat running down our backs from hurrying!!

The show was awesome. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants a good laugh and some great singalong songs.

We met up with JoJo when the show had finished and had a few drinks at the Irish pub. The music upstairs was a bit crap and it was very crowded so we moved on to another Irish pub, which was even worse. The band were awful and their amps and microphones wern’t working properly.

So another move, this time to the European. Much better atmosphere, plenty of room downstairs. We made our way upstairs and there was a great band playing, followed afterwards by a DJ and some really excellent dance music.

Lots of time and alcohol later, we decided to call it a night. We walked back down towards the station, where we left JoJo to catch a cab (JoJo it was 3am). Michelle and I then went in search of food, which we found at the Casino – well just outside the casino actually. And boy did it taste great. Chicken and Advocado toasted Pannini….YUM!

I think we ended up getting to bed at about 4am……….

I have photos (as does JoJo) which I’ll post later