Exercise: 21.5km Run/Walk – Local Streets (7’s Blue)

Seeing as Sunday was a total washout and that was supposed to be my long walk/run, I made the most of today’s public holiday. The weather was just perfect. Not too cold, not too hot 🙂

I didn’t have an actual plan of where I was going to walk other than to get to my parent’s house for a loo stop. It would normally measure about 7.6km, taking the same way that I always have, but this morning I decided to add on a bit more, taking an alternative route. Got to my parents place and Gav measured it to be 11.1km.

I wasn’t sure which way to walk home, so hopped onto mapmyrun (great website) and mapped out a course home. It told me that it would take me another 10.5km to get home…..perfect 🙂

This was the view I had pretty much the whole time, although I was quite a bit closer at times.

Once home I had a quick shower and a bite to eat and then went out into the garden and had an enjoyable afternoon pulling weeds out of the front garden 🙄

How did everyone go with their betting on the cup? We had a $5 sweep and a $1 sweep at work so I entered both. Would you believe that both my horses were scratched….not fair 😦

I had a bit more luck with my own betting. Purple Moon was the horse that I have had my eye on all week. Hubby had been given a tip, so he put some cash on Mahler. Alana just wanted horse number 1 to win. Didn’t matter what it was called as long as it was number one!!

My back is quite painful tonight, what with walking this morning and bending over to pull weeds out all afternoon. I actually had to lay down for a little while as I couldn’t move very well and it hurt tons.

I think an early night is on the cards 🙂

And before I forget, a huge thanks to JoJo for her generous donation to our Trailwalker campaign…..thanks chicky 🙂