Exercise: Bootcamp – Day 11

After yesterday’s torrential rain I was sure that it was going to be really wet this morning, but surprisingly it was nearly dry. The wind was quite chilly though.

Warmup was a lap around the oval. Then it was straight into a circuit. All the normal circuit exercises, with a few additional sprints to the light pole or to the middle of the oval etc.

We then had a good solid 15 minutes of ab work. Starting off in a hover, when the instructor blew the whistle we had to roll over onto our sides and do a side hover, then we would either roll on to our backs and do a crab, or do side pushups in the hover position….not nice 😯

Finally we did another lap of the oval, following the instructor, who kept yelling out different things to do i.e. side lunges, bum kicks, high leg kicks, stopping to do burpees, run to the centre of the oval and back.

It was a full on session, which I just love 🙂

Unfortunately I had to take it a little bit easier this morning as I’ve woken up with a sore left lower back. I was down on my hands and knees cleaning floor tiles last night and I think I may have just tweaked a muscle somehow.

Luckily I’m seeing Corrie tonight so hopefully she can take the pain away 🙂