Exercise: 4.65km Run – Treadmill, 20 Min HIIT session – Cross Trainer (7’s Blue)

I had the opportunity to get down to the gym this morning so I made full use of it.

Okay, so maybe I almost didn’t take advantage of the opportunity 😳 When the alarm went off I considered going back to sleep, but I realised that if I didn’t get out of bed, I wouldn’t get another opportunity today, and to be honest once I’d actually got out of bed and put my clothes on, I felt much better.

I started off slowly on the treadmill, increasing in very small increments. After 30 minutes I was only doing 10.6kph so you can image how slowly I started off 😳

Hopped on the cross trainer and did a 20 minute HIIT session. My legs were a little bit wobbly when I’d finished, but I felt like I’d had a great workout and I was dripping with sweat. This may have been due to the warmth of the gym rather than my exertion but I’m going to go with the second option anyway 🙂

I’m still having a bit of pain in my shins, not too bad, but it’s still there. I have been a bit slack with the self massage and haven’t put any Arnica cream on for a little while, so I must get back into the habit of doing both before bed. It really made a difference when I was doing it regularly. I’m seeing Corrie on Monday so hopefully she can work her magic!

Here’s a photo of the flowers that my boss bought me. Aren’t they gorgeous.