Exercise: Bootcamp – Day 10

I went to bed way too late last night and had to force myself out of the bed when the alarm went off.

Numbers are still dwindling at Bootcamp. No excuses this morning for daylight savings! We began with our usual game of tiggy, but this time it was Donkey Tiggey. Everyone got a ribbon and had to put it in the top of their pants behind them. The object of the game was to try and steal somebody elses, so you had to be constantlly on your guard. I only lasted a little while as I wasn’t really enjoying it. Once your ribbon had been grabbed, it was laps of the oval until the game finished. I was more than happy to run around the oval 🙂

Then we were broken up into teams (groan!). Three teams this morning. There were 4 cones placed a distance apart. First person had to run to the first cone and bring it back to the start, then run back for the second cone, then the third etc. The next person then had to grab one of the cones and put it back where it started, run back to the start, grab the second cone and put it back where it started etc etc. Then the game changed slightly. This time we had to do 10 burpees before we picked up the cones. Our team won twice and drew the third time. The teams kept getting swapped around so we always had new people in each team for each new race.

We then got to stay in our teams and did a circuit…..each exercise was for 2 minutes 😯 It’s amazing how hard pushups become after 2 minutes. Lunges I could do no problem. Jump squats 😯 Situps were okay. 2 minutes of dips had the triceps screaming 🙄

We were then told that we were going to do a comparison of how our fitness was now, compared to when we first started. So we had to run 2 laps of the oval as fast as we could, then 60 seconds of pushups, then into a plank position to see how long you could hold the pose 😳

I’m not sure if my running time has improved as it wasn’t timed. I know that I did more pushups but my plank hold was dismal. I think last time we did everything at the start of the session, whereas this time it was at the end of the session so I was pretty exhausted……well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it!!

Here’s the photo that I couldn’t download earlier this week. As you can see, champagne got left behind 😦