Exercise: 10km Run – Treadmill (8’s)

Hubby has changed his hours and is now starting work very early which means that I am now changing my exercise to an evening apart from Bootcamp.

I’m not sure how this will work as I’m really not an evening person when it comes to exercising. I’m hoping that with the warmer weather and daylight savings, my will to exercise will kick in 🙂

I dropped Alana at Cubs tonight and headed over to the gym. I haven’t really done a prope run since last Friday so decided that the Treadmill was my equipment of choice.

It was hard work. Why is running on a treadmill always such hard work?

A new pair of Hurricane 8’s came out of hibernation tonight. Very comfortable they were too. I think that the 6’s are now ready for retirement. They’ve done me well and I’ve probably got close to 900km out of them. They are still in really good condition but I’m not sure how supportive they still are. Saying that I’ve had absolutely no problems with them at all. They will now become my gardening trainers.

My boss brought me some lovely flowers today. She just wanted to say thankyou for all the work I’ve done for her. How sweet is that 🙂 To be honest all I’ve done is what I’m paid to do, so maybe she’s buttering me up for something 😯 Maybe I’m going to get dumped with a ton of extra work soon (she’s going on Maternity leave at the end of January). Hmmm!

For anyone who doesn’t know, my favourite colour is Purple. (The flowers from my boss were purple, as was the wrapping paper and the ribbon!!). Look what Sony Ericsson have brought out now.

How could they do this to me when I’ve just got a new phone 😦