Exercise: 14.1km Walk/Run – Local Streets (7’s Blue)

I wanted to be out the door this morning by 6am as I knew it was going to be a warm day, and I also had to be home by 9am to take Alana to Roller Skating.

Unfortunately I didn’t get out until 6.15am. I didn’t allow enough time to eat breakfast, so it took me a bit longer to get ready than it normally does (I don’t normally eat breakfast before I exercise in the morning). Porridge takes a while to cool down 🙄

I’d worked out last night that I could run to my parent’s house, have a toilet stop and then continue on my way. Unfortunately my Mum was in a very chatty mood, and whereas I’d allowed about 10 minutes for my stop, by the time my Mum had shown me all her new plants in the garden and chatted about nothing inparticular (apart from telling me that I didn’t look as PUFFY as I had been lately 😯 ), I’d been there for nearly 25 minutes.

This meant that I had to cut my walk short so that I could get home in time. Oh well, I’m sure I can make it up somewhere.

When I was picking Alana up from After School Care last night, I noticed these beautiful roses by the school church and just had to take a photo.