Exercise: 10km Run – Local Streets (7’s Yellow)

A pretty slow 10km run this morning with Michelle. Unfortunately my shins are giving me a little bit of grief still and I could feel them the whole time I was running. I did give them a really good massage last night as I was rubbing the Arnica cream into them and I can feel lots of little knuckles of something. I know that CV usually pushes down pretty hard on them and they hurt like crazy when she first does it and then the pain subsides. I tried doing this but ended up clinging to the ceiling as it hurt a little bit too much. It’s mainly on my left shin, just off to the side (Em, please don’t say it….I can hear you already 🙂 )

Has anyone heard of Seacret Cosmetics? They had a stand at both Chirnside and Eastland (and I believe they have them in many other shopping centres too). Anyway I’d walked past the stand a few times over the last couple of weeks and had been able to avoid the sales people, but this one time I got caught. Anyway this girl grabbed my hand and started examining my nails. She then pulls out this buffer and starts buffing them, all along reeling out her spiel. Well I look down at my nails when she’s finished and they are absolutely gleaming. They were so shiny just from the buffing. I was sucked in. I bought a pack, including nail buffer, body cream, cuticle oil and emery board. Really I just wanted the nail buffer but of course they don’t sell them separately so had to buy the pack to get it.

Even now, after 2 weeks my nails still have a shine on them and they are really smooth. You’re only supposed to rebuff them about every 3 weeks. Personally I would say money well spent :-).

The sunset on Tuesday night. Unfortunately I couldn’t get a good view, so this is the best I could do.