Exercise: Bootcamp – Day 8

Half way through Bootcamp now. The last 4 weeks has really flown by!

We’ve been so lucky with the weather. No rain at all since we started. Unfortunately the other group who do Bootcamp in the evenings have copped some pretty awful weather.

We warmed up with some Scarecrow Tiggy. Why do so many women squeal and shreik when someone is chaing after them 🙄

Then it was on to a team game. We had to do more survival runs. Run to the first cone, do 10 pushups, then back to the start, then run to the 2nd cone and do 10 pushups, then run back, then run to the third cone……you get the picture. We did pushups, then we did treads, and lastly, our favourite, burpees 😯

Unfortunately on all 3 occasions our team came last so we also had to a minute’s worth of lunges, then a minutes worth of crunches, followed by a minutes worth of squats!

This was then followed by a circuit (I love circuits 🙂 ). There were about 15 stations with different exercises. We had to perform each one for 40 seconds, then jog around the outside of the circuit (it was in a big circle) to the next exercise.

We finished up with a little speed work. We had to sprint to a cone about 100 metres away, then do 10 burpees, sprint back to the start, do 8 burpees, then back to the cone and do 6 burpees etc etc. Yep, that just about finished off the legs 😯

Michelle and I are doing a shopping tour on Sunday, so Michelle is going to stay at my place on Saturday night as the bus leaves at 7.45am. Better put my drinking hat somewhere handy 😉

Alana’s Quote: “Mum I don’t want to be like everyone else!”