Exercise: Bootcamp – Day 7

Well I don’t know about anyone else but I slept really well last night, despite the heat, and I slept under the doona too 🙄 I think I’m one of those really lucky people who just don’t feel the heat as much as others. I do, however feel the cold and I’m not looking forward to the weather when we go back to the UK. I’m going to need all of my luggage space and also most of Hubbys and Alanas to put all my winter clothes in 🙂

So on to Bootcamp. I thoroughly enjoyed this morning’s session. Once again we started with a game of tag, which warmed us all up more than we already were, given how humid it was already at 6am!

Then we had to do repeats of the following, between two cones, which were about 100 metres apart. Firstly, we had to sprint from one cone to the other, then jog back. We did this 3 times. Then it was side lunge things (can’t remember what it’s called). This we did twice, there and back on each leg.

Following that it was high knees up to the end, and bum kicks back. Twice for that too. Lastly it was running backwards, up and back twice. We then got to have a quick drink and then we repeated the above 😯

We then walked over to the middle of the oval and there were some furry dice. On the other side of the oval were 6 cones, each one representing a number on the dice. So depending on which number we rolled, we had to jog over to that cone and proceed to do whatever exercise represented that number.

You can imagine my joy at doing 50 dips followed by 100 situps, then 40 squats, 50 treads, 40 chinups (using the rail that runs around the perimeter of the oval). 50 skiing jumps, 50 treads and 40 jumping lunges, ending with 40 burpees 😯

Then it was a cool down jog around the oval, alternating between star jumps, bum kicks, high legs and side running.

I really do enjoy these kind of sessions, where the heart rate is raised continuously. Makes me feel like I’ve actually worked hard 🙂

Want to say a HUGE thankyou to M for her generous donation to our Oxfam Trailwalker campaign. I’d like to also say thankyou to everyone else who has donated, especially the people whose names I don’t know 🙂