Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

I decided not to run yesterday morning as my groin was really sore, so I texted Michelle with my apologies, then toddled off back to bed. The thought did enter my head that maybe I could head down the gym and do a pump class instead, but I wiped that thought out pretty quickly 😳

The old groin pretty much hurt right throughout the day and was really noticeable every time I got up from my chair. I got a text from Michelle during the day to see if I was up for a run this morning instead. I wasn’t sure how the groin was going to feel so I thought I’d better wait until last night to see how it was doing.

I made the decision last night to run. As I hadn’t actually run on it yesterday I wasn’t sure if it would hurt or not when I did run so thought it would be an opportune time to find out.

So I met Michelle at MMCT this morning. She had run from home so already had 8km under her belt before she met me. I started off a little slowly and am happy to say that it wasn’t hurting any more than yesterday. So I did a full length and back of the trail, had a bit of a stretch when we stopped and then raced back home to get ready to take Alana to roller skating.

Sitting here now, I’m happy to say that the pain is lessening, quite quickly in fact. I’m hoping that the run has done it some good. That and also the amount of Arnica Cream that I’ve been slathering on it too.

Have decided that it was definitely not my long walk last week that caused the pain. I think it may have been at Bootcamp, possibly when I was jumping up off the ground to run and get the tennis balls.

So on that note, I’m going to do another long walk tomorrow morning. Hoping to start fairly early as it’s going to be a warm one.

Now aren’t these the cutest chickens you’ve ever seen 🙂 They are just balls of fluff. I took these photos at the Royal Melbourne Show.

Alana’s Quote: “Mum did you put Mayonaise in my chicken roll?”
Me: “No”
Alana: “So what’s this yellow stuff then?”
Me: “It’s Butter!!!”
Alana: “Oh!”