Exercise: 9.5km Run – MMCT (7’s Blue)

With all the rain last night I was positive that I’d be texting Michelle this morning to say that I wouldn’t be running, but getting up at 5.30am the sun was just rising and it was a lovely clear morning, maybe just a little bit cool for me 🙄

My hips have improved quite a bit and there’s not nearly as much pain now. Unfortunately I may have strained my groin muscle a little bit as I found it very hard on Monday to do leg raises when I had to put my left leg down. This morning there was also a small niggle when I was running. I’m not sure how to fix that one though 😯

Now I’d like to say a huge thankyou to Kathy for her generous donation to our Trailwalker kitty. If you take a look, we are now at the top of the leaderboard in the catgeory of “Sporting Clubs and Recreation”. And while you’re there, please feel free to donate to your hearts content 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Mum, can we buy Aunty Kims house?” (Aunty Kim has a very large house with all mod cons!!)