OMG, I’m hurting today.

I can only assume it’s because of the walking I did on Sunday. My hips are so painful. Trying to sleep last night was almost impossible because every time I turned over the pain in my hips woke me up. I just hope it goes away soon 😦

This is a photo of the sky last night. Very interesting.

These are the chocolates that I had on the weekend. They are Champagne Truffles and I found them in Aldi – they are very yummy and also very addictive. It was way too easy to just keep eating them one after the other 😳

And here’s a couple of photos of the Warby Trail. The first one was on the way up from Lilydale to Mt Evelyn. The other one was at Wandin Station (der!!)

And here’s a reminder to everyone who ran at the Melbourne Marathon….that last little bit before the MCG 🙂