Exercise: 5km Run/Walk (Treadmill), Weights, Situps (6’s)

I had the opportunity to get down to the gym tonight as Alana is now going to Cubs and the gym is right across the road.

I got in a good walk/run on the treadmill. Originally I was just going to walk for 30 minutes but I ended up tagging on a 2km run as well. The walk was on a 6% incline.

Like JH I have decided on a few goals for next year. They are also very similar to his. I am already entered in the Trailwalker, but have decided that next year is the year to work towards my first marathon. Having gone up to the Gold Coast with Michelle this year and seeing how flat the course is, and how good the weather is at the beginning of July, the Gold Coast Marathon is going to be my first marathon.

I’ve also done a little bit of reading about The 4 Peaks event that takes place over the Melbourne Cup weekend. I’ve put this one in my diary for next year too. It will give me a whole year to train on hills and very steep inclines. I may have even cajouled Hubby into doing it with me 🙂

Alana’s Quote: “Mum what have you done to your hair!” (I’d just finished at the gym and was picking her up from Cubs)