Exercise: Day 5 Bootcamp

Another morning getting wet and dirty 🙂

This morning we had to do the same sort of race that the Ironmen do at the beach. You know the one where you lay down on your belly, looking away from the target, then when the whistle blows you have to jump up and run as fast as you can so that you’re not the last person who doesn’t get one of the sticks that’s stuck in the sand….well ours were tennis balls, but still the same race. After about the 10th time laying on my belly, I’d pretty much got used to laying on the wet grass and couldn’t feel it anymore as I was already soaking wet 🙄

Then it was drills, drills and more drills. 30 seconds of pushups, followed immediately by 30 seconds of treads, followed immediately by another 30 seconds of pushups and then another 30 seconds of treads. We were given a one minute break and then onto the next drill, 30 seconds of jumping lunges followed by 30 seconds of squats (repeated again). Then finally we had to do crunches followed by bicycle legs (I know there’s a proper name for them but I can never remember it!).

We then got to do the whole lot all over again 😯

But you know what, I really can’t complain as it was me who signed up for the program. I went into it with my eyes wide open, knowing that it wasn’t going to be easy.

And again, how can I complain when I had a 2.2kg weight loss this week, even taking into account that I drank alochol and ate chocolate 🙂 As Andrew said in his previous comment, it is the Bootcamp that’s kicked off the weight loss.