Exercise: 18.5km Walk (7’s Yellow)

I’ve now started my exercise regime that will ensure that I get to the finish line for the Oxfam Trailwalker.

Started my walk at Lilydale, and walked up to Wandin on the Warby Trail, turned around and walked back to Lilydale. I did run the last couple of km’s as it was a nice downhill piece of trail, so it wasn’t too difficult.

I felt great for the whole distance, which I’m really happy about. I do have a small blister now on the inside of my right heel, but that could be because I didn’t have my trainers done up tight enough. Luckily I had some SportShield in my bag, which I put on once I felt it starting to rub.

I’ve decided that I’m going to increase my distance each week, probably still starting and finishing at Lilydale but just walking that lttle bit further before turning around.

The scales have been very good to me over the last couple of days. Getting on them this morning, it shows I’ve lost 2.2kg since Monday. I’m stoked 🙂 Only 5kg to goal!