Exercise: Day 3 Bootcamp

Who in their right mind would get up in the freezing cold, and I mean cold enough that there’s frost on the ground and then go and do pushups, situps, burpees and play crab soccer on said ground 😯

Yep, you guessed it, that’s what the bootcamp crew had us doing this morning. My hands were literally numb with cold. I honestly could not feel them at all. It was only after they’d had us do about 100 star jumps that my fingers finally got some feeling back into them 🙄

Has anyone played crab soccer before? It’s when you have your back to the ground and you literally have to move with your hands and feet. It didn’t take too long before some of the ladies started complaining about how cold their hands were, so the bootcamp crew gave in to us and let us squat. Have you ever tried running whilst in a squat 😯 In the end we got much more of a workout when they let us play it standing upright. Okay, we had 3 soccer balls to play with, so there was constant movement….loads of fun, apart from when I kicked a ball into a ladies face accidentally 😳

I reckon I did over 150 pushups this morning, and I did them all on my toes as I didn’t want to kneel on the wet, cold ground. Think that my shoulders and back are going to be sore tomorrow, but I’m hoping that all these pushups are going to give me Madonna arms 🙂

Sadly I have a sore throat today, probably gotten from Alana. Just hope that my body can fight it off quickly!

Alana’s Quote: “Mum can you hear my brain beating!”