Exercise: Bootcamp Day 2

Today was real bootcamp stuff. We were down on our bellies crawling across the football oval…..it had been raining over night and it was very wet, and they still made us crawl on our bellies 😯

Loads more drills, lots of running around the oval, squats, burpees, jump squats, jump lunges, treads – you name it, we did it!! We even had to carry somebody to the middle of the oval in a race with the other team!!

Okay, I admit it, I loved doing it all 🙂

I’m just a bit put out that I bought this lovely new t-shirt to wear and it’s now really dirty 😦

I have to show you my plants. I bought them as tubes (the same size as the ones next to the pots) and look at them now! They are really thriving. When they get a bit bigger I’ll plant them in the garden and then go through the whole process again. I’m going to pot the little ones this weekend so that they start growing. Still not sure how I haven’t killed them with kindness yet 😳

And this is my work in progress. You can see on the left hand side the garden is all nice and clear, but on the right hand side the weeds are growing quicker than ever!!

I was at Chirnside Park at lunchtime getting some stuff for dinner tonight and Prouds are having a 50% off sale – 50% off EVERYTHING sale. I wandered in to have a look (as you do) and ended up with a lovely new pair of gold earrings for Alana. They were a real bargain too. I refrained from buying anything for myself, even though I could have bought loads of stuff!! How good was I 🙂