Exercise: 9.6km Run – MMCT (7’s Blue)

Hooray!! I finally did a full run of the MMCT. So now I’m a bit more comfortable with the thought of doing the 10km run at MM on Sunday. I really was having so many doubts about actually being able to run the distance as it’s been so long since I’ve done it 😳

My muscles are still sore from Bootcamp. I am in that typical 2nd day hurting period. I can’t see it getting any better either as I’ve got Bootcamp number 2 tomorrow morning 😯

So much for doing the ironing and watching Californication last night 🙄 No, it didn’t happen. Ms Lazy appeared and wouldn’t leave me alone at all. The new series of House starts tonight so maybe I can do the ironing in front of the TV instead

Does anyone want to join me on a 50km walk for charity? It’s on Saturday 13th October. How hard can it be, walking 50km? It’s not like I’ve got to run it or anything 🙂