Exercise: 7km Run – MMCT (7’s Blue)

Don’t you just love how light it is at 5.30am now 🙂 – okay so maybe not everyone is in agreement with me. I met Michelle at our normal spot and was looking to add a little bit extra on to our run so that I can get back to running 10km, but unfortunately the forces were against me (and Michelle). I think I must have eaten a bit too much licorice yesterday (I bought a Licorice showbag from the Royal Melbourne Show) and the effects came into force at about the 6km mark 😳

I bought another Enell Bra today. This one is a shade of Kiwi with black piping around the outside. Check it out here. That makes 6 bras now – white, pink, crimson, chocolate, black and now kiwi. Can never have too many I say 🙂

The legs are hurting today. Which part of the leg you ask? ALL of it!! My quads hurt, my hammys hurt, my calves hurt and my glutes hurt too. I suppose doing endless squats, lunges, star jumps and burpees will do that to you 😯

I have a huge load of ironing to do, so tonight I’m going to set myself up in front of the PC with the ironing board and watch all the episodes of Californication that Hubby has downloaded whilst ironing. Should make the time pass quickly 🙂