Exercise: Day 1 Bootcamp 😯

So where do I start??? It’s been so long!

Friday – no exercise 😦 Can’t remember the reason now…oh yeah, that’s right – it was howling wind and rain on Thursday night and between Michelle and I we decided not to run on Friday morning. I still set my alarm for getting up and going to the gym, but then I got caught up with watching the rest of So You Think You Can Dance on DVD and I didn’t get to bed until late. And as per normal, I woke up, turned the alarm off and went back to sleep again. I did consider going to the gym on Friday evening, but once I got home from work and sat down, old lazy bones took over and I couldn’t be fagged getting changed and driving back down to the gym 😳

Saturday – had to get up early to get Alana to my Mums place so that Hubby and I could get to the Royal Melbourne Show early to avoid the crowds. Only there were no crowds. It was pretty empty apart from the side show alley where all the arcades were. We made it round the show in double quick time and was out of there before 2pm. Had a bit of lunch at one of our favourite local restaurants and then went and did some shopping.

Raced home after picking Alana up and got myself organised for a girly night out with Michelle and her daughter. We hadn’t made any real plans apart from wanting to find somewhere that we could dance. We ended up at the Middle Hotel in Ferntree Gully 😳 After a few drinks we moved on to a place called The Pool Room. I think during the day that it is literally a Pool Room but of an evening they have a DJ and loads of kids hang out there. Didn’t actually leave there until 4am 😯 Very drunk 😳

Woke up yesterday morning (stayed at Michelles place) and I felt like absolute crap. I hadn’t drunk any water at all during the evening and I mixed just about every type of drink you could think of (shakes head in disgust). It wasn’t until the majority of alcohol that I’d drunk had left my body (yep I steered the porcelain bus) that I could actually think about driving home. I then jumped into bed for the remainder of the day and tried to rest, but unfortunately Alana thought it would be fun to come and hang out with me in bed 🙂

So back to this morning – what a way to start a Monday morning. I did manage to get quite a bit of water into me yesterday afternoon so at least I was rehydrated by this morning. I was up a bit early, probably due to nerves. I’m not sure what I expected but didn’t really have any expectations.

There were about 15 ladies who showed up for Boot Camp. It was an enjoyable hour, with lots of basic drills and also setting times so that they can assess what improvement (if any) has been made after the 8 weeks. My shoulders are feeling a little bit sore due to all the push ups we did, but other than that, I’m not feeling too bad. My calves might be a little bit sore by tomorrow as I did alot of star jumps too.

Looking forward to some lovely warm weather tomorrow. I may even consider going for a run at lunchtime 😯

Alana’s Quote: “Mum if we get a dog, I won’t be scared of them any more!” (she has a fear of all dogs!)