Exercise: 8km Run – MMCT (7’s Blue)

This morning’s run went much better than I thought it might, mainly due to the fact that I’d run yesterday morning on the treadmill and didn’t know how my legs were going to feel. It brings me down a little to remember back to when I could run every day and not even think about it and yet now I have to consider all of the problems that may be associated with running more than once every two days….sigh 😦

I have some bruises on my knees….okay, get those thoughts back out of the gutter!!

I helped Hubby grout the floor tiles last night. What a horrible job that is! Surely somebody can invent a gun that you put all the grout into and then just squirt between the tiles…..no mess, no fuss!! I’m considering going out and getting a cake decorating kit to see if that’s any good. 🙂

Hubby and I are going to the Melbourne Show on Saturday. I’m very excited. I love going to the show. We’re hoping that by going on Saturday the crowds will be a little bit less due to the Grand Final being on. We’ve also come up with a grand plan. We want to get there when it opens and go straight to the Showbag Pavillion, buy all the showbags we need, then hire a locker and store them in there for the day, wander around all the pavillions, go on the rides, see all the shows etc and then at the end of the day empty the locker and walk straight to the car with all the showbags. That way we don’t have to cart showbags around all day or try and make our way through the Showbag Pavillion when it’s absolutely choc a block full of people!! 😯

Alana’s Quote: “Mum what would you do if you got fired?” 😯 (does she know something I don’t???)