Exercise: 8.2km Run – Treadmill (7’s Yellow)

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do when I got to the gym this morning, but the treadmill called out to me when I walked in the door so that was that.

It was very slow….I mean really slow!! 😳

If anyone has seen the Bourne Ultimatum what did they think of it? I enjoyed it but I think that the other two were better. Not sure if they can make a 4th one out of the ending or not….

I had absolutely no energy yesterday. I was going to run with Michelle but texted her to cancel as my body just wasn’t coping at all with normal day to day things, let alone anything that required exertion 😦

I did manage to mow the back lawn. Couldn’t be bothered doing the front though. And I pulled some weeds out. I’m about 3/4 of the way down the garden now, so will probably still need a few more weekends to get rid of all the weeds. I am never going to let the garden get this overgrown again, that’s for sure!!!