Exercise: 7km Run/Walk – MMCT (7’s Yellow)

Michelle and I always laugh about this, but when we are meeting each other for a run the first thing we do is check our phones to see if there’s a text message to say that either of us is not going to run 🙂 Yet I know that if I don’t run then I am grumpy for the rest of the day and keep kicking myself that I’ve made an excuse not to run. I know Michelle feels the same way too.

Take this morning. I had no excuses. I could have made up lots though. It’s too windy, it looks like rain, my muscles are aching from my weight training yesterday, I’ve got an upset tummy (all these were true!!) but I realised that I actually did want to run 😯

Unfortunately the run didn’t go to plan. Instead of my now normal 5 minute walking warm up, we started running straight away. Within about 3km my ankles were really aching and I had to stop and have a good stretch of them, also giving them a really good twisting (you know, when you twist your feet round and round).

We decided to turn around and head back to the cars, and we walked for a while. The ankles felt better after a bit of walking so we started jogging again. No pain anymore. We ran another km past the cars as the ankles were feeling fine by then. So all up just over 7km, done very slowly 😳

Does anyone have any good ideas for Xmas corporate gifts? I’m basically in charge of getting it all organised and even though my boss and I have been to the promotions company that we use, there’s just nothing that really stands out. We’ve done the letter opener, business card holder, mobile phone holder, golf stuff…….we’re just looking for something new and innovative, something that people will want to keep, rather than palm off to someone else!