Exercise: 4km Spring Into Shape Fun Run (7’s Blue)

I was checking out the Ausrun Forum last night and reading the Spring Into Shape thread. A thought went through my head….why not enter the 4km run. It’s not too early (9am start), I’ve got nothing planned (apart from housework) and it’s not too far that I couldn’t run the whole way, and the best part is that the course is flat 🙂

So I decided to do it. Got all my stuff ready last night and got myself to bed at a decent hour. Of course the nerves must have kicked in some time during the night as I was wide awake at 5.30am. I laid in bed for a little while, still questioning whether I should actually do the run, but as I was wide awake and couldn’t really do much else at that time of the day, I got up and got myself organised to go. Of course there were also the obligitory 30 dashes to the loo 😳

I texted Em to let her know that I was going, and also to make sure that she was definitely going to be there. Didn’t want to look like Billy no mates 🙄

Got to the Tan very early, so I sat in the car and read my book for a while. Texted Em again to make sure that I was at the right place as there was nothing set up at all 😯 A few more people had started to park their cars around me and were making their way over the road, so I got out and followed the crowd, realising that the run was starting a bit further down the way this year than what it had been the last few years, which is why I couldn’t see anything being set up.

Found the registration tent and got my number and then just hung around for a little while until Em showed up. It wasn’t very warm though and the wind was one of those cold biting ones that goes straight through you 😦 Luckily just as everyone was lining up it started to warm up a bit. Bumped into Andrew just before we all lined up and had a bit of a chat. Then the serious stuff began 😯

I plugged into my MP3, which I had set up so that specific songs played one after the other (smart cookie me!!). When I first set off there were tons of these little kids running around me, which was a bit worrying. Even though I had Gav strapped to my wrist I didn’t actually check my pace until nearly the 3km marker, and I was sure that what I read was wrong. It was only when I got to the finish chute that I realised Gav had been correct.

I came over the line in an official time of 21.38. I just couldn’t believe the time. I’ve never run this fast before….EVER!!!

My splits, according to Gav were:


I did struggle up that little incline near the Transport Bar, but knowing that it was pretty much downhill once I’d got to the top I just gritted my teeth and hung on till I got to the top of the hill.

Caught up with Em when I’d finished. She also had a great run. Grabbed a showbag and some juice, then joined the small queue to get my bag. I changed pretty quickly as I got cold as soon as I’d stopped running. Saw Andrew as well and he’d had a great run too.

I was going to just jump in my car and go home but I knew that Kathryn and Kathy were both running the 8km and I wanted to give them a cheer, so I stood by the side of the footpath and waited for them to run by. Amazingly, they went past together, so I assumed that they’d caught up with each other before the race and had agreed to run the race together. It was only when I’d read Kathy’s post that I realised they hadn’t met up at all and it was just by pure chance that they went past me together 🙂

I realised that Kathy didn’t know who I was when I yelled out to her, by the confused look on her face. Kathryn just gave me a cheeky grin 🙂 Hope I didn’t scare you too much Kathy 😳

I’ve just finished watching Australian Idol and I have to say that this was the most crappiest one that I’ve seen. They were supposed to be singing Rock and if Supertramp and Cold Play are classed as Rock then I’m going to slit my wrists, which is what most people probably do when they listen to Cold Play 😉 I reckon the only person who actually rocked the place was the last guy who sang an AC/DC song, and even he didn’t seem to put everything into it.

If I look into my crystal ball then I reckon that Brianna is going to go tomorrow night.