Exercise: 10km Run/Walk – Croydon Hills (6’s)

I got up this morning at 6am as I was running with Michelle. Got dressed and then got my stuff together. It was only when I checked for messages on my phone that I saw Michelle’s text that she couldn’t run with me.

Hmmm, now what? It was 6.15am and I was fully dressed to run. So I ran. Normally I would have taken my clothes off and gone back to bed, but this morning I just opened the front door and off I went.

Wasn’t sure where to run at first, but decided to tackle some hills. I had no idea how far the distance was, but I had an idea of where I wanted to run. Luckily I had nearly 2 hours before I had to be home so I wasn’t in a hurry at all, which was great. I walked up some of the hills, ran very slowly up some of them and ran on the flat bits and the downhill bits.

My only problem came at about the 7km mark when nature called. Just had to keep going until I got home 😳

Hope you all have a great weekend, and good luck to everyone running the Spring into Shape or the Burnley Half.

Alana’s Quote: “You can’t be serious” (spoken in the same tone as John McEnroe 😯 )