Exercise: 8km Run/Walk – Treadmill (7’s Blue)

I nearly didn’t get out of bed when the alarm went off this morning but then remembered that I had to go into the gym to pay for my Bootcamp. Yep, that’s the only reason I went – pretty bad isn’t it!!

However, once there I jumped on the treadmill, determined to do some distance. Warmed up for 5 minutes by walking then ran for 25 mins, walked again for 4 minutes and then ran for another 20 minutes. My speed is pretty slow right now. It feels like I’m flying when I’ve got the treadmill at 10kph, but I’m hoping that it won’t be long before it becomes more comfortable.

I have a feeling that my 10km run at the Melbourne Marathon is going to be a VERY slow one 😳

Oh yeah, I got my number in the mail on Friday 🙂

I have always followed everyones blogs by using Bloglines, but lately I’ve been having a few problems with it and I can’t access it properly when I’m at work (It doesn’t show me my list of blogs at all). Anyway I’ve now moved over to Google Reader. It’s just as easy to use and I can access it at work no problem. I’ve also changed my home page to iGoogle (previously it was Google). Now that’s lots of fun. I’ve added alot of nice little gadgets to my home page, which is really cool!

I’ve found something new to buy 🙂 Anyone heard of these before? I’ve emailed them to ask what their shipping costs are. I like the Visors that they’ve got as they’re made from Coolmax. I may wait until I’m back in the UK at Christmas and see if I can pick them up in a shop somewhere, otherwise I’ll just order them while I’m over there and have them delivered to Hubby’s parents house.

I lurve shopping!! 🙂